June 24: Grand Canyon

Just after we entered Grand Canyon, this time's destination, the memory card of my digital camera has saturated. I was at a big loss. I asked Desert View office to use an power outlet to transmit images from the memory to computer's hard disk.
Grandview Point, one of the hot spots of Grand Canyon. I feel as if I were swallowed by the long deep Canyon that makes a mystic world under the blue sky.
Each view point is equipped with handrail without exception. Ranger also watches for visitors' safety. I took a picture with a pretty ranger.
Grand Canyon Village. A railroad comes up to this point. Sight-seeing steam locomotives run frequently. As might have been expected, the Village is crowded by many tourists including Japanese group.
The depth of Grand Canyon is about 1,800 meters and the width is about 13 Km. It is hard to realize the size of it. You can see a trail down deep to the bottom of the canyon.
The layers change their color from red, pink, and violet according to the changing angle of the sun. Growing shades add more beauty to the canyon.

Perhaps no landscape on earth is as startling to the observer as the vast yet intricate face of the Grand Canyon. Over several million years the Colorado River has carved an immense chasm through an arid land. It is a breathtaking landscape to humble the soul.
Grand Canyon was first introduced to Western World by Spanish in early 1,600s. Since then, some explored, some photographed, and some constructed hotels. Those activities by the frontiers made its name known all over the world. This is a hotel at the edge of Grand Canyon.
In the dusk, we left the canyon with painful reluctance and arrived Tusayan. We visited IMAX theatre to watch a movie of Grand Canyon produced by National Geographic. The film shows the discovery of the Canyon by the Spanish explorers and stone age's life of native Indians who inhabited the sheltered hollows of the Canyon 4,000 years ago. I have been reluctant to join air tours by plane or helicopter, but the film took me to the spectacular breathtaking world of flying over and rafting down the Canyon.
After the theatre, we took a simple diner and drove back to the motel in Flagstaff. The lingering dusk sky is gradually giving way to the quiet twinkling of stars in the pitch black sky. Mr. Don drives all the straight way while we gaze at the stars and sigh. He kindly parked the car at the shoulder of the road. We get out of the car and look up for watching stars such as the Big Dipper, the Great Bear, the Swan, the Scorpion, and the Milky Way. How brightly they shine! I have realized anew the number of the stars. Today, I have experienced my best day in my life.

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