June 19: A beautiful day!

In strong contrast to the bad weather of yesterday, we have a really refreshing beautiful day today. It is too pity to work on making home page in the room with blinds pull down. We went out for driving.
But what is still pity is we have a lot of chores during the long term travel. The valuable brand-new rental car's trunk is filled with a cardboard box, containing worn-out cloths and brochures or pamphlets that would soon become trash, to be sent back to Japan and mountains of washing. I washed and dried the cloths in a coin laundry.
The first thing to do today is to send a box to Japan by surface from a nearby post office. This is the post office shop(?) They sell many kinds of goods. Today, I bought a mouse pad with teddy bear design stamp for $5.99 unintentionally. It is very easy to use.
We headed to west to reach such a place called Horlock prairie of the Great Western Trail. A local high school teacher Mr. Horlock worked hard with his students to preserve the nature of prairie.
In the prairie is a trail on which some people enjoy cycling. They came here with their cycle on the top of the car.
The county ranger work hard quietly to clear the grass to secure the trail, check the plants whether they are damaged or not, and study the vegetation.
We had a lunch in a picnic atmosphere eating foods we got at a super market. It is very hot in the sunny place, but when we rest under the shed of the park, it is very refreshing and even feel cool. Today's menu is bread, orange juice, roast pork, salad, and fruit.
There is a word "wild flower." This is the right place to observe the real feature of it. Unknown pink, violet, and yellow flowers are blooming here and there. Patrinia Scabiosaefolia fills the field. A wonderful prairie of Mid-west.
We continued to drive through green farm, tall silos, and high water tank shining under deep blue sky. We soon come up to see a place with several houses. This is called a "town."
The road stretches into the horizon and is absorbed into the sky.
It is uncertain to distinguish the border of the field property. Huge, vast open field, anyway. A breathtaking farmland of America. This picture was taken from my car running about 60 mph.

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