June 7: Washington Birth Place

A wonderful morning of Colonial Beach. I got out for a walk by alone. I sketched piers with boats and lovely small houses here and there on the way to Potomac river. The river looks like a sea. On the other side of the river is Maryland state faintly visible afar.
Not so far from Colonial Beach is Washington's birth place. He was born in a colony of this area. A small tower, similar to that of DC in size, stands in the place. The colony also faces to Potomac river which then served as a transportation waterway just like railroad and highway of today. All the agricultural products like cotton and tobacco were shipped from here.
Many slaves were working in colony. This is a cooking cabin. A lady in then time costume explains about how to prepare food. You can see a wooden tool to make minced meat. There were a lot of female work such as making candle, spinning clothes from wool and cotton, and sewing them. Virginia state is filled with George Washington related stories. Our trip will be like that from now on.

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