June 6: to Colonial Beach, Virginia

Today, we were guided to many places by the owner of the suite. The owner has been living in the US for a long time and kindly gave us detailed and accurate information. We first visited Ford Theatre in which Lincoln was assassinated. This is the flock coat he worn at the moment. Blood stained and cut off sleeves were really pitiful. My husband gases the small pistol used in assassination. People at the scene tried in vain to carry Lincoln into the building on other side of the road.
Just next door of Ford Theatre is Hard Rock Cafe, which is very popular also in Japan. I remember my son was wearing importantly a T-shirt of the Theatre brand. Young people filled the Theatre from early in the morning. The T-shirt shop was crowded by many people with catalogues in hand.
Next stop is a secret point-of-interest in Washington DC, the Fish Market. I have never seen such variety of fish even in Japan. Fish is neatly arranged appealing customers. A lot of unknown fish, cram, and prawn filled the Market. Some of the shops are floated on Potomac river.
Sliced, whole, boiled, and cooked fish are everywhere producing a pleasant atmosphere. I soon got a cup of cram Chauder. It was really delicious. If one purchase a whole fish, it is sliced according to the customers liking in "Cut and cleaning" shop. As I am a traveler, I really regret that I couldn't buy any of the fish. It is said that colesterole conscious westerners gradually become aware of the advantage of fish meat, thus fish shops are flourishing.
Jefferson Memorial on the bank of Potomac river. The standing statue was so high that I couldn't capture whole shot of it after all efforts. It is said the structure of the Memorial is round shaped and said to be feminine while Lincoln Memorial be masculine.
After leaving downtown DC, we visited an outlet shopping center in the western suburbs of DC. I was surprised by the vast parking lot and large shopping mall. I got cheaply two sets of bedding cloths and kitchen wears that I have been intending to buy in the US. Those things will be sent back to Japan by ship from Washington DC.
A boy, who was educated to manage his own clothing by himself since 8 years old, finally founded this big outlet shop named IKEA. This is one of the "American success stories."
After satisfied with the shopping, we headed to the destination. First of all to "give feast" to the car. My husband is learning how to fill gas.
Potomac river and Monroe river meet at Colonial Beach, VA. The town's population is about 2,000 but in summer it swells up to 6,000. About two thirds of the house is of second house owned by the resident in Washington DC. We will stay one of them tonight. Before that, we visited a water front restaurant to take a late dinner. The time is already past nine but the dusk is still remaining. I enjoyed boiled sea food which was served with a big boiling pod. It was very tasty along with long shaped rice and fresh boiled green bean.
We enjoyed the diner with a live music like this. The players are a couple who once learned in Osaka, Japan. They spoke Japanese very well. It is a fun to meet various kind of people indeed. The owner's second house was opened for the first time in a month. I went asleep in a luxurious bed on the back ground music of Potomac river stream.

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