May 26: Musical Blue Man

We had been strongly recommended by Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA, not to miss Blue Man group show in New York. I reserved the tickets through the Internet. This is the entrance of Aster Place Off-Broad Way district.
Inside of the theater. Chairs are so tightly arranged and many tubes are everywhere on the wall and stage. I feel something strange.
Such thick pipes are hanging down from the wall. Behind me is a speaking tube, making a strange sound. Young audiences are making noise on it and we soon became relaxed with them.
This is one of three Blue Men. At the finale, white paper tapes sprout and fill the seats and.......more information is confidential. All the audiences put white paper on the head and join the fever of the stage. After the show, performers come out to the exit to make sign and take picture with audiences.
I was so exited to see a musical in the birthplace. I feel something unsatisfied to go home directly. I got off a taxi in front of the apartment and dropped in Tavern-of-the-Green in the Central Park. It was so beautiful decorated with lanterns and illumination that made me feel as if I were dreaming.

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