May 16: Immigration at Seattle, and arrival at New York, JFK

May 16, noon

A monument in Seattle International Air port
An art object of mammoth tusks.
May 17, morning with Mr. Mrs. Tsukamoto

We arrived JFK late last night. We stayed at the house of Mr. Tsukamoto(a COARA member.)
May 17th morning. Mrs. Tsukamoto goes to church on Sunday. This is a street near Mr. Tsukamoto's house. This residential area looks like a park with full of fresh green wood.
We went to JFK to pick a rental car up. My husband was at first nervous in driving in the US for the first time in 20 years, but he soon became accustomed to drive because Mrs. Tsukamoto sat beside him at the risk of his life. We continued driving around the area for training.
This is Sun's Point Museum nearby. The building was built in 1929 under the model of a castle of Ireland. The Museum gives a solemn atmpsphere.

From here, we joined a bus tour to Guggenheim Mansion. As the Mansion is not always open to public, we were very happy. Guggenheim succeeded in mining industry and bought the Mansion. There are many wonderful rooms on the way of our labyrinth-like tour route. It is said he contributed to develop aeronautical industry of America. He was also a sponsor of Lindbergh who frequently visited the Mansion and wrote his famous novel "Look wings, that is the light of Paris" in a library.
After the tour, we walked through a trail of a nearby forest. It is so envious to find such a thick forest with beautiful pond close to residential area. I found many lovely squirrels beautiful birds. Passing through the forest, we came up to a quiet beach.
We were invited to a wonderful dinner with the Tsukamotos at an Italian restaurant. Mr. Jun and Dai are selecting dish pleasantly in English. Delicious wine and the amount of food on large dishes made me surprised. I enjoyed very much. After the diner, we stayed at a hotel in Great Neck. Mr. Tsukamoto had kindly reserved the hotel for us.
May 18

We went to Mr. Tsukamoto's office in Manhattan to greet the members. We are very glad to see Ms. Consuelo, with whom we have been exchanging E-mails, and Ms. Tomoko for the first time.
We took lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I was surprised by the volume of the dish. After the lunch, Ms. Consuelo took us for a small walk tour in the heart of Manhattan. On the left is a Library. This is Rockefeller Center.

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