July 24th: Performance starts

At last, the Music Festival started at 1 p.m. with the 10th Yufuin Western Music Tour, conducted by Professor Shigemi Takei of Miyazaki University and performed by the Oita Medieval Music Research Society, a choral performing group. Then guest artists Kazuo Hanaoka and Yuka Otsubo played recorders. The concert site, Kowa Park Hotel, is already familiar. This is a shot of their rehearsal.
The entire hotel closed for the day to accommodate the performance. We set up reception and sales tables in the lobby. The concert was staged in the rear of the large dining room.
In the evening, from 8 p.m., Michio Kobayashi played the harpsichord at Tokyu Golf Club in Yufu highland. This is the recital site on the upper floor of the Golf Club. Beautiful hills and forest surround the Club House. We carried in many chairs and platforms to set up the site. This is Michio Kobayashi in rehearsal. The scene outside of the window was very beautiful in a shroud of evening mountain mist.
Guests flocked to the Golf Club in twos and threes, and lined up well before the opening. More than 300 guests filled the hall, and some couldn't even find seating. Many audience members leaned forward and listened intently to the entire cycle of Bach's Two-Part Inventions.

After seeing the guests off, some staff members balanced the books for the day. From the left: Ms. Gondo, Ms. Shigeno, Ms. Kibe, and Ms. Koyama.