Typhoon No.19 is crossing the border of Miyazaki and Oita, TV says.
We have continuous rain since yesterday here in Oita.
I am very anxious what the rice paddies are like now.

September 16(Tue) at 4 p.m. typhoon No.19 hits us.

As the rain and wind have calm down, I went to the rice paddy for check.
On the way to the paddy, I can look through a bridge over Oita river which
is under a precautionary warning. The way to the bridge is closed and a fire
engine with rotating red lamp to shut off the road.
hank you very much, indeed. I hope the typhoon pass through without giving
major damage to us.

The rice is growing healthy. Each stalk stands straight supporting each other.
I am very happy to see them!

The stream usually hold a thin line of the water flow in the center of the river bed.
But today, it is flooded like this.

Today's extra

Under the heavy rain fall,cluster amaryllises were about to full bloom.
They know the season, it is a mystery indeed.

A few colored fruits of persimmon hang down over the stream.
It's a harvest season now. I wish the typhoon will not give major damage. Mie


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