Yesterday, I heard in home the bang sound of sparrow threatening cracker.
Rice is about to ripen. But I couldn't spot the exact location of the cracker.

September 8iMon.jclear, occasionally cloudy
We have had much rain for past two days.
It is cleared up today. The sun restored its heat and brought us much humidity today.
As I was concerned about the sound of the sparrow cracker and I had a dream of rice cropping, I went down to see the rice paddies.

Here you see heavy rice ears.

Oh, I see another rice paddy still in flower blooming.
Also such yet green eras of rice.....

Today's extra
My disturbing sesame is...
Lucky! I still spotted it.

It was just before reaping.
All the leaves are removed away. The stalks will soon be uprooted,
bundled, and hung down over the spread seat.
When it is dried up, the seed will pop out from the shell.

She said she was lucky to get good sesame without any trouble of harmful insects. If the insects attack, it requires much painstaking labor to remove them, she smiled.

You will have good sesame with rich aroma! Of course all of them are for home use. Those people are really happy who can enjoy genuine taste of sesame dressing.

Another extra.
What is this flower?
"Adzuki bean" flower. In October, Adzuki beans will be harvested and we can make delicious rice cakes covered with the bean jam.
This is the first time for me to identify the flower of Adzuki.

I still have much to learn. Mie

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