I was very busy in July.
After a long time, I visited the rice paddy down from my house.
Last time, I went there on the 30th of June.
20 days have passed since then.

July 19thiclearj

We hava had many climatic change during 20 days.
We had very hot days as if it were an "empty" rainy season,
then we had local downpour for a week
that made me believe we have already had the whole
amount of the rain of the year.
Luckily, we had no big damage by the torrential rain,
but in other area of Kyushu island, there were many
mud slides and avalanches which killed many people.

The rice paddy downward of my house is growing healthy
thanks to rich water. I had no chance to measure the
height of the plant by a scale. The height looks like
about 40 centimeters. The stump of the plant is growing thick.
I can't see the water anymore.

Morning paddy in the sunshine.

In the clear air Mt.Yufu(center), Mt.Tsurumi(right)
soar beautifully.
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