July 28-31, 2005: The 31st Yufuin Music Festival(YMF)

The 31st YMF was over successfully.
Thank you very much for the visitors and guests, artists, town people, and volunteer staffs from many places.

Mrs.. Matsuda from Hiroshima and Ms. Minokuchi from Tokyo.
YFM is supported by those staffs from outside of Oita prefecture.

July 28, 2005: YMF Eve
The Festival started this year as usual. This is the entrance of Yufuin central public hall. The guilds were made by young staffs through many days.
The big banner was made by the staff as well.
Eve. The artists relaxed in the hall.
The visitors came in the evening.
The logo was designed by a young staff. It was very good.
The eve started at last. The staff was very in preparing for the opening party to be held after the performance.
The dishes were made by local young cooks.
"Warm Yufuin" web site is run by Mr. Ono, the president of COARA Co., Ltd.
Wonderful dishes were ready .
Bungo cold beef (top left),grilled sweetfish(top right),cold spaghetti(bottom left.) Mr. Ono was busy in taking pictures by just bought digital camera.
Ms. Shigemi Takei of Miyazaki University emceed the Eve.
Flute by Kirihara accompanied by piano of Mr. Michio Kobayashi, the general music advisor of YMF.
Violin by Kiyoshi Okayama and cello by Fumiaki Kouno.
Viola by Hiroko Andou.
The performance by all members.
The hall was filled with the audience.
The staffs who run the stage.
The opening party in the lobby.

Mr. Masakuni Kato, secretariat of YMF executive committee, introduced the artists.
Good dish and good white wine made me happy.
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