Rare June typhoons have gone away without giving any damage to this area.
We have hot steamy days again, far from the rainy season.
I went down to observe the rice paddy for the first time in ten days after plantation.
June 30 (Monday, clear)
The seedling is steadily growing under the grace of nature.

I saw a farmer in the rice paddy. I wonder what he is doing today.
Oh my boy, he is going to plant the rice seedling from now.

I asked about his working.
He said "I have many things to do that caused the delay of the plantation.
I first thought the plantation work was too late
but as the weather turned hotter than forecasted,
I am preparing for rice plantation tomorrow."
Raking work

We have Hasama town west of Oita city. Far west is Shonai town. The farmer commutes from Shonai to cultivate the paddy.
"I have a lot of work to do indeed..." says the farmer.
He is a member of the town assembly.
"I have the assembly...but this is not an excuse for the delay.
You can see many paddies of Yumehikari brand rice seedling,
but I would like try another brand named Hinohikari.
I have tried many idea to grow rice but it is still difficult for me.
A planting machine can't cover the narrow corner of a paddy.
Hand plantation is still needed. Young people don't like do in that way, I suppose."

I encouraged him "Please do your best and talk to younger generation to grow rice. Please reflect your opinion to the assembly."

He was delighted but as too long talk may disturb his work, I said good-bye to him and went home.
The adjacent rice paddy is already planted, and can you see, under the surface of the water are many small tadpoles!

Todays extra

We have many cases in those days, but the junior high school student
I met on my way home were really refreshing,
saying unanimously Hello!
I got delighted and echoed back "Well come home!"

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