September 5, 2011: Mr.Klaus guided us Tromso
Skittenelv Camping
The calm fjord reflects the beautiful visionary landscape of Tromso.
It took me a short time to be accustomed with the local time which has 6 hours time difference in daylight saving system here. It is now eight in the morning.
The temperature was about 10 C grade. It came to me a dissapointed as I anticipated much colder weather.  
The living room of the cabin. The cabin accomodates for six people with two bunk beds and this double sized sofa bed.
The bunk bed room. I looked out frequently through the window to check the Polar Light. Around past two in the midnight, my husband shook me oput of sleep and we got out together. We then admired the wonderful panorama of nature.  
Mr.Klaus makes tea for breakfast.

The cabin is warmed up only by a single oil pannel heater, but as the cabin windows were of three layer insulation, we have never felt cold throught the day and night.
In the breakfast, we cleaned up many kinds of bread which were in the stock box. Plenty of vegetable salad was tasty. I peeled off the skin of grape fruit and kept it in the refregerator last night. I served it this morning. Mr.Klaus was very glad.
Around a half past nine in the morning, we again headed to central Tromso. The temperature rised up to 14 C degree and became dry after the morning rain.
The bridge central Tromso crosses the narrow channel high in the sky. The nothernmost university in the world is in Tromso.
We parked the car at a coin parking lot and started to walk around the central Tromso on foot. As I felt a little bit colder, I wore the wind breaker I brought all the way from Japan. 
The harbor on the background of the remaining snow hill.
Mr.Klaus directed a bus route map and taught us where to go.
A large ad was quickly changed by the lady at a bus stop.
Marshe Square. The time is still eraly.
Only a few shopps prepare for opening.
The statue of the seals hunter.
Green shop of the market. Just a flower arrangement like parsely and other vegetables decorated beautifully.
A florist decorated chrysanthemum,cockscomb,dahlia, and others were very beautiful.
This is a sweater shop. Racial dark sweaters attracted my attention, but they were large and heavy for me.
Lovely kids boots are made of felt. They looked good for room ornament.
 A reindeer designed manhole cover caught my eye.
 Large Japanese car ads looked down me.  
The street gradually turned crowded.
The main street of Tromso features its unusual road-heating system to orevent snow accumulation.
Norway has abundant water resources to generate the electricity whose cost is very cheap.
The tall monument is of Norwegian King. Mr.Klaus's had once been a teacher of the senior high school on the back.
The beautiful building tells the history of the town. Mr.Klaus had taught German grammer and other clases here. He had once visited my homepage by chance and wrote me. Since then he has been one of our best and important fiends. Some 20 years have passed since then.  
We came down again to the main street. Colorful mannequins lured me through the window.
The street is lined beautifully by about four-storied buildings.
I posted some postcards to my relatives and friends in Japan. How long the snail mail takes to Japan.  
The beautiful church and park make me forget that I am now in the Arctic Circle.
Reckless drivers make noize everywhere on the globe. There was many nice buildings in the town.
So many handbills are displayed on the street. A stuffed reindeer keeps the shop.
Amundsen Museum on the shore.
Usually many museums are closed on Monday, but we were lucky it was open.  
Many items were on display including sleigh and sled dogs. I imagined that the exploration were very hard in those days when the outfits for cold weather were not developped like today.  
The large polar bear was just about to bark at me.
Seals were hunted only for their beautiful fur. The fur was one of the necessities of life to those people who live in the Polar Circle.
The relief of Amundsen stands still in the museum garden.
We backed to the parking lot on foot. The hsipyard sleeps in the morning light. We entered a supermarket nearby to buy foods for lunch and drove back to the cabin. Mr.Klaus suggested not to take lunch in the town. Continue
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Today's mileage ??(total 2643Km) Picture by K.P.Nickel Ken & Mie