September 1, 2011: Sweden Orsa camp site
Kyrkekvarn camp site morning was in the thick mist. Nothing but the chirping of the bird was heard.

Mr.Klaus taught me that the deep morning mist is the sign of the arrival of autumn. 
I walked out. Just in front of the lodge, I found mushrooms like this here and there. He said it was an edible kind.
The breakfast is now ready. The menu is good tea brewed by Mr.Klaus,yogurt,German black bread,Swedish whole bread, and the slice of Nowegian vinegar marinated salmon fillet.
Colorful paprika in red and yellow,herb salad and various kind of cheese were sereved as well.
The room is comfortably warmed up by electric heaters. Even to me who is very sensitive to the cold can stay warm enough in the room by wearing only a half-sleev sweater.
The view from the window is really fantastic. The lodge is in the thick forest.
There are two set of bunk bed like this. I used my linen. Mr.Klaus used the lower bed of the bunk.
This is the twin bed room. The width of the bed is a little bit smaller than usual.
My husband uses this backpack to carry his belongings. He seldom carries it because it was almost always set in the car trunk like this. 
The dining kitchen is provided with an oven, microwave range,coffee maker,refrigerator with freezer, and abundant tableware and pans.
A sofa bed is usually equipped in the cabin, they say.
After the breakfast, we cleaned up the room and started. The luggage is usually set neatly like this. The tempereature was 10 degree C or so.
We drove down to the reception office and checked out. Mr.Klaus is a frequent guest and his name was already in the guest book, the ownwer smiled at him.
Today's mileage will be 400 Km, a little bit shorter than the average. The morning mist wrapped me gently and I enjoyed a fantastic walk around the garden
This camp site is usually used for canoening class and event. Horse riding class is also opened for the guests. Many lodges are dotted in the spacious garden.
The cold stream floats many canoes. I imagined how pleasant it would be if I could enjoy horse riding in a beautiful forest like this. 
We satrted at nine in the morning. After driving for two hours, we stopped at a large supermarket to buy todays foods for lunch, dinner, and tomorrow breakfast.
First of all, we filled up the car stomach with the diesel oil. We looked for good salmon and herring bins. I was very pleased to have a chance to try and taste various kinds of local breads.
After a while drive, we found a beautiful picnic site like this. We took an early lunch. The air was a little bit cold but Mr.Klaus's hot tea warmed me up from inside. We put many kind of food like cheese,pickles,leaf salad,herb marinated salmon slice between the bread. 
The best food this time lunch could be the rice balls I made last evening using the residual rice of the dinner.
The sky is deep blue, quite different from Japanese dull colored sky. I was moved very much by the beautiful air. 
Mr.Klaus and my husband Ken are almost in the same age and they feel good each other. They are enjoying a pleasant chatting as usual.
Afer an hour break, we started again. Wherever I find a village, I see a church without fail. Most churches are lovery just I have read in the fairly tales. 
So many lakes are everywhere. Why the landscape of Lapland is so fascinating? 
Mr.Klaus suggested me to drop in an interest spot. A ruin of iron and cupper mine. The equipment is turned to a sight seeing spot. 
The mine seemed to have been so deeply excavated, the panel told me. It reads the mine was discovered in the 16th century and boomed in the 18th century.
On our way up, we sometimes had occasinal showers but the drive is fine. Around four thirty p.m. we took a short break to wash our hands. We also enjoyed Mr.Klaus's famous tea together with dounuts we got in the supermarket.
Mora has a monument of moutain skiing.  We have a sunny autumn today but in winter, the area will be turned into a white world, the monument tells at us.
We stopped at an old small chrch.
The sun declines now making our sllhouets very long. The time is around six already but the sky is still brilliant.
The inside of the church was unexpectedly simple but it holds a solemn atmospere.
The 3rd night was a private-run clean cabin in Orsa. The owner didn't appear until the promised time but after a while, he showed up accompanying a lovely daughter.
The cabin was of a big two-storied beautiful colored house. The upper story is for bed room. 
The kitchen was relatively narrow. When a large man like Mr.Klaus uses it, he may feel too narrow. We cooked good rice skillfully with proper balance of rice and water and prepared soup.
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Today's mileage:401 km(Total 1107Kmj  Pictures: K.P.Nickel Ken & Mie