June 6,2006: Evening concert. 2006. Introduction of "TRAUTWEIN" piano.

I headed to Yufuin in response to the good invitation to join an evening concert in the cool breeze.
The rice paddies have already planted the seedlings.
This was the first visit to Yufuin after a month. Mt. Yufu smiles at me as usual with its gentle slope.
The trees in the valley were shining beautifully.
Keika-En, or "Firefly Flickering Garden" was the site of the wonderful party. I was recommended to take coll drink first.
Good drinks were on the table. I met many good friends.
Orange juices.
Unusual-shaped container was a chiller.
Wild products.
Cool flowers.
Bottoms up! with a Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) staff.
Mr. Michio Kobayashi, one of the world-prominent pianist, and Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, the president of Kamenoi-Besso Hotel.
Mr. Shirasawa runs a musical instrument shop in Oita.
Ms. Hirano (right) took care of us in last year's trip to Latvia.
The shady nook party was really good.
Ms. Hamano took care of YMF.
Mrs. Kobayashi, Mrs. Nakaya, and other good people enjoyed the party.
The purpose of today's party was to introduce a special piano called "TRAUTWEIN." The piano was made in early 1900's and has been stored in Setsuangou guest house for a long time. It was then tuned up recently in commemoration with Mr. Kobayashi's good works and activities in Yufuin. Mr. Nakaya explained the meaning of the party.
This is the piano. The program was designed by Mr. Masakuni Kato, the chairman of YMF.
The program swelled my chest with an expectation.
We had so many "6" letters, 2006, June 6 at 6 in the evening. Mr. Kobayashi started the play.
We enjoyed his wonderful art.
The program was very popular to us.
The piano was very beautiful but it requires careful maintenance.
Candle stands on both side of the piano.

I fully enjoyed the party and special piano play this evening.
We then took dinner.
Beautiful dishes of Yufuin valley.
Good friends.
"Ochazuke" rice in the end.

After the dinner we were guided to watch the firefly dance in the stream. I was fascinated with the fantastic flickering of the firefly. Thank you very much, my good friends.