December 11, 2005: Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club
(NO.13) Follow up: an editorial conference
The late Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya was the first researcher who created artificial snow crystals for the first time in the world. Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, a nephew of Ukichiro, one day introduced us of a very good tour to Latvia to join an official meeting called "The dialogue of ice and snow exhibition to be held at National Museum of Natural History in Riga City in November.
The pleasant memory of the Trip to Latvia still lingering around me even after a month of Christmas season. The four members of the trip gathered today at Toyo hotel in Oita city.
Lovely Christmas ornaments were here and there of the lobby including like this having many Teddy bears on it.
Bright sunlight smiled at the snowmen whose both hands were made of holly tree twigs.
After the lunch, we had an editorial conference over the dessert.
Two members from Kujyu and from Fukuoka brought in note PCs respectively together with the memories in which so much pleasant record of the trip were stored. We then asked the restaurant to connect the PCs to the power outlet. We checked pictures and movies taken in the trip. Many lovely gadgets popped up from Mr. Harada's knapsack one after another. Yes, we live in a very convenient time.
We discussed how to compile 8-hours video record into an hour DVD disc. We hope to make PC record and paper media at the same time.
Mr. Kariya will take care of making them. I had once sat together with him in a "Homepage making study class" of Sightseeing COARA.
We explained him about the purpose of the trip and the aim of the record making by looking the video on the PCs.
We handed him over many brochures and music CDS we bought in the trip.
Pleasant memories welled up one after another and we have had a very good time this afternoon. We greatly expect the final product of the record. The next editorial conference will be held early in the new year.

Thank you very much for the hotel who allowed us to occupy the restaurant for a long time.
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