November 14, 2005: Kyushu - Latvia Snow Club
(No.11) Summer Palace
The late Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya was a Japanese snow and ice researcher who created artificial snow crystals for the first time in the world. Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, a nephew of Ukichiro, one day introduced us of a very good tour to Latvia to join an official meeting called "The dialogue of ice and snow exhibition" to be held at National Museum of Natural History in Riga City in November.
We took breakfast in the restaurant. Abundant Ikura (salmon roe) was on the dish.
An art of sweet melon cutting. The taste was good as well.
So many kinds of bread awaited to be taken by the guests.
Salad, serials, and fruits.
I asked an omelet including many ingredients.
We sat around our favorite table and enjoyed the good food over pleasant chatting.
The lobby of the hotel was luxurious. The hotel,Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel, was remodeled about two years ago, they said. Beautiful glass was used everywhere.
We will visit Ekaterina Summer Residence in Pushkin city today.
A tall triumphal arch in Moscow street.
A war monument saw off us at the exit of St. Petersburg city zone.
Passing through suburban residential area and grass land, we arrived at Ekaterina Summer Residence.
The Imperial Residence looked like cool in summer. The building is one of the greatest architectural masterpiece of Russian Baroque building.
Golden round-conical top of the tower is a symbol of Russia.
We put a shoes cover and entered the building. Taking picture was permitted here.
We went up the main entrance.
The floor was of beautiful wooden tile mosaic. The interior was covered with golden decoration. A sample of table used in the days was displayed. At the corner was a huge fireplace.
We could see the beautiful garden through the window. The highlight of the tour was "Amber Room" restored in 2003 Taking picture was prohibited only in this room.
All the rooms were decorated with luxurious golden pattern.
It was interesting to see the aluminum decoration. When the aluminum foil was invented, it was a sort of precious metal and used in the Imperial building. The belt-like decoration in red or green color were made of aluminum.
The repair works find no end. The scaffoldings(top) and just repaired golden decoration.
In addition to the furniture, paintings, and living items, gorgeous costumes were displayed as well.
The portrait of Ekaterina Alexeevna, the head of this Tzarskoje Selo.
We were overwhelmed by the luxurious displays. We went out to look the garden.
A lovely Russian kid visited the Catherine's Palace with her mother.
The chapel of the Palace.
The statue of Pushkin.
We took lunch at a Russian cafe.
I found Gyoza-like dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing. The taste was very good.
We returned back to St. Petersburg. There were many advertisements along the street. Those advertisement were bloomed after Perestroika.
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