October 23, 2005: Samna party
This is spacious Oita river bed covered with grass.
In the distance are Mt.Yufu, Mt. Tsurumi, and Mt. Takasaki. Kujuu mountain range is disolving into the blue sky. We can get the grand scope to ourselves.
Japanese pampas grass are everywhere and warm sun light wraps us.

"Grill Sanma (Pacific saury) on charcoal fire" was today's pleasure.
The fish was grilled beautifully and we sprayed Kabosu (citrus) juice on it. It was really great, you know.

Despite sudden call, five old friends got together. They have been enjoying personal computer communication from old days. (Picture by Ken)
"Shichirin" portable stove is a traditional cooker. It grilled well shrimps and vegetables.
Dear old good friends find no end of chatting.
The huger digital camera was of a maniac friend's property.
I tried to shot. The weight of the camera was very good.
If I were stronger, I could buy such great camera. The camera has Nikon of 200 mm telescope lens.
Now pleasant party nears to the end.
I have had a very good time with nice friends.