April 11, 2005: Canework exhibition
It drizzled on and off yesterday and cherry blossoms around me started to scatter. Many flowers are blooming beautifully in my garden however. Hyacinth on left and forsythi.
I visited a canework exhibition of "Canework group" run by Ms. Tokiko Itonaga, one of my close friends. The site was the main lobby of Oita Bank headquarters in central Oita.
A large direction board was at the entrance.
The beautiful flower arrangement in the main lobby eases the visitor. The canework group cerebrates its 25th anniversary.
Ms. Itonaga and her students were working hard for new flower arranging.
Many caneworks were displayed in the spacious main lobby. I was guided by Ms. Itonaga.
Cane handbags and baskets will be good for coming summer season.
A screen for tea ceremony.
Wonderful canework table set.
Lovely stuffed teddy bear sits quietly on the cane chair. Lambs came from New Zealand.
Ms. Itonaga was happy surrounded by her works and many visitors. The tall lamp stand on the right was her big work. I was fascinated with a bamboo handbag by Itonaga.
Many visitors enjoy the display.
Baskets, electric stands, flower pod covers were the products of welling up idea, she said.
Ms. Itonaga, right, and Ms. Sayou who made a round tapestry for colored paper. Handmade crafts give warm feeling to people.
Canework group by Tokiko Itonaga
@@@@The 25th anniversary exhibition

Time: April 4-15,2005, 9:00-15:00
Site: Oita bank headquarters main lobby