January 25-27, 2005: Arts everywhere in Tokyo
Haneda Airport's new terminal is filled with fine arts like this. The elevator tubes face to an object made from Japanese paper, making a good contrast.
I took a Keikyuu train to Shinagawa station and found a wonderful tile embedded in the floor. The design was of the zero point of the line and Keikyuu line pattern stretched to Miura peninsula. uKEIKYU LINE 0km POINT 1988]
Even overhead power lines make artistic pattern together with right-angled skylines of the buildings in the winter sky.
Large snow flakes filled the landscape on 26th morning.
Tulip flowers welcome the guests at the entrance of the building in which three days session will be held.
I took a walk around the building called tomorrow House designed by famous architect Frank lloyed Wright(1869-1959) in 1921 as a part of Jiyu Gakuen campus founded by Yoshikazu and Motoko Hani. The building was designated as a national important cultural property in 1997.

This is the hall designed by Arata Endou and completed in 1927. it was designated as a national important asset in 1997 as well.
The design is unique together with Tomorrow House featuring good window design./TD>
Bare twigs make distinct silhouette against winter sky.
Small buds have started to swell.
Awl monument.
Another stone awl monument.
I returned back to Haneda Air port after the session. The painting on the ceiling is very good./TD>
Escalators are the part of art.
i took a short rest.
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