November 13, 2004: Toward winter
A beautiful autumn day. I made up my mind to walk out for my health.
The cliff behind our residential area was destroyed by the typhoons repeatedly hit this area this autumn. We have had so many natural disasters like this landslide.
The rice paddies in Notsuharu area were already cropped and the straw was piled up like this. This is one of local scene in Oita.
I found a very neatly maintained flower bed on the roadside. Pansy will bloom in the season. I will visit here again to see it.
I crossed Nanase River. The design of the handrail was of firefly and Ayu fish.
The sky was so clear. I could enjoy the wonderful view of the mountains, from left, Yufu, Tsurumi, and Takasaki. I love this landscape of Oita.
A small shrine holds its original style. The ginkgo tree's leaves were not turned to autumnal tints yet.
I came up to White Road. The white flower of camellias planted along the road was the origin of the road name.
I wondered the name of the flower planted at the entrance of Wasada Town shopping center.
I bought a lunch box and took it at the small park.
"Okowa" rice ball was good for autumn. It had chestnuts without fail. It was so good indeed.
In the shopping center were Christmas trees here and there. Yes, we will have December days soon. How fast one year passes! I will spend the rest of 2004 in a good condition.