November 11, 2004: Takemachi shopping arcade
Takemachi shopping arcade cerebrates its 100th anniversary. It has a long long history dating back to Meiji Era, the Sino-Japanese War days indeed.
Red banners gather the shoppers. An event called "United Kingdom Exhibition" was held under the Union Jack flags.
The exhibition was held at Ichimaru. If you mention the word United Kingdom, you will call back the word "black tea." Miss Paddington, one of my friends, opened a tea shop for the limited term.
Many English antiques, including Teddy Bear, welcomed us.
Small items that create good atmosphere attracted my eyes.
A ladylike candle stand.
Lamp shades hanging down from the ceiling.
It would be good to enjoy chatting under the light like this.
An antique round mirror reflects many plates.
The pleasure of tea time with black tea and cake.
The tea was of new leaves cropped by Ms. Noura in Sri Lanka last month. The flavor was great.
I enjoyed the rich time surrounded by English furniture and drinking the black tea.
Kuro-chan loved strong flavor black tea.

The tea table quickly gathered the chatterers.
Thank you Miss Paddington, real name Noura, for your good tea.