April 1-5, 2004: India
From Oita to Fukuoka and then Narita was a good fight. From today, "New Tokyo International Airport Public Corporation" changed its title as "Narita International Airport, Inc.;
They cerebrate the start of the new company.
Our flight is JL471 to Delhi.
We fly over Mt. Fuji.
In-flight meal is good. We toasted with wine wishing the safety of the trip.
About 9 hours flight took us to Delhi. We were welcomed by a flower ling. We turned back the watch to 3.5 hours.
The total number of our group is 27.
The tapestry on the wall of the hotel reminds us that we are in India.
The beautiful flower of the main lobby.
The first meal in India. "Long rice grain" is really good. We could relax in a spacious room.
to be continued