Minami OitaShakyou IT self study class
  Supported by BuNGO Channel 

"Let's be positive to develop an Electronics Autonomy Era." Upon the request of Minami Oita Social Welfare Council), BuNGO Channel, a newly authorized NPO, co-operates the class by dispatching teaching staffs and supporting the curriculum.
With a support of the municipal community center in southern part of Oita City, the class started on February 18 through April 21, ten times in total.

April 14, 2004: The 9th class
Today's study is how to send a copy of an E-mail to the representative of the Minami Oita Social Welfare Council. The address will be filled in the "Cc" window.
"The first thing to do is to put the address you want to send an E-mail."
"What shall I write? It should be like that that I can get a reply."
"OK. I put the address into the Cc window. I will now send it out."
The mail was sent out from the sending box. Did it go well?
Wowo! I have just forgotten to write a title. Plain title is a must.
The study class will be ended by next time. All the students are ready to handle the Email.
The representative gives a homework to each student,
saying "Please put your impression of the class until today onto the paper and submit to me next time."
NPO BuNGO Channel 
Lecturer Kenichi Nagano
Assistant Shirley Tomoko Nakamura
Today's one point lesson:
Today's one point lesson
Don't forget to put the title and the name of the sender.

reported by Mieko Nagano