March 27, 2004:NPO Sightseeing COARA HP study class (No.2)
The first day was followed by today's class.
The site is NetPiazza at Takemachi shopping arcade.
A guide was set at the entrance. Some passengers take a look at it with curiosity.
The site was ready to go.
Afternoon meeting. Ms. Watanabe staff gives some comments on today7s class.
The class started at 13:30 as scheduled. Here we go.
Mr. Ono of NPO makes a few words in the beginning, saying "Let send out information of our tour to Monkey House and Marine Egg the other day."
Some students who couldn't join the tour introduced themselves.
Some new staffs did as well.
The class started with using a homepage creating software. The lecturer was Ms. Hayashi of the staff.
"There are so many way of creating a homepage. We will use a sort of template I have created in the second time's visit to Marine Egg."
"It will be good to add the impressions of the creator at the end of the homepage to show your face to the visitor to the site. A program called 'Abater' will be a fun as well."
"Well, let's start making your own homepage using pictures you took last time. First, select the pictures to be used."
" The proper number of the picture this time will be five to six. Don't hesitate to call any staff nearby."
"Yes, open here and right-click it." The staff teaches very well. It takes only a short time for the student to repeat the scene by themselves.
Each student uses a PC exclusively in which some pictures taken by the student were set in advance. The new students use pictures taken by the staff.
It looks like a fun to the students to use the picture-editorial functions such as enlarging, shrinking, color changing, and focus adjusting.
Logotype function is good to create the titles of the homepage.
Creating a homepage is very interesting.
Some brought-in articles from newspapers. It is important to have a theme on making a homepage.
The students can ask any question anytime to the staff nearby.
Some staffs create their homepages as well using own PCs.
The class goes in a tension but in a relaxed atmosphere.
The homepages were completed at last. The next step was to up load them to the web using temporary addresses. This was th key of the day.
Well, type-in the address with expectations.

You did it! You could watch your own just-created homepage on the web.
Tea party staff stands by already.
Mr. Itai, the key person of the party, dashed in all the way from Taketa City with so much Japanese cookies full in hands.
Mr. Himeno, the Secretary-general of municipal sightseeing committee joined the party. He was moved by the eager attitude of the students.
Well, let look through the homepages.
The staff asked each student, "What was hard to create, what is the most favorite picture you took?"
"Who was in your mind when you were creating your homepage?" "Well, I intended to create a homepage which was easy to access." Yes, their homepages were just like as they wanted. This page illustrates the entrance of Marine Egg.
The impressions of the students will create much more contents from now on.
Contents to be continued