February 28, 2004NPO Sightseeing COARAThe 6th meeting report
We will have a "Home page creating study" in two weeks. This is why available members joined in a hurry in Saturday evening.

The site was Net Piazza.
The study class will be held here. Careful measuring is a must for a successful class. Korenaga and Kadowaki don't play rope skipping.
The site map is checked on the white board. Ms. Kuwano, the young president of Tamanoyu Hotel in Yufuin, showed up after a while. She was surprised by the unexpected coldness in downtown Oita at night.
The site allocation goes smooth as the meeting is being held the very site.
Mr. Ono, the president of COARA, called the members up to assign the roll respectively.
Himeno proposed to present awards to the home pages on the day. The discussion was boiled down with pleasant laughter.
Mr. Fujino plans to prepare a manual for home page making.
Powerful Kadowaki will work on setting heavy items on the day.
When will we join next? The PC gave answer, on next Saturday at four in the afternoon.
Are all members ready to come?
NPO Sightseeing COARA the 6th meeting report
February 28, 2004:  13:30 - 14:30 at Net Piazza
Attendant: 7
Kuwano, Himeno,Ono,Fujino,Kadowaki,Korenaga, and Nagano

"IT Study Class" for beginners
Formal name "Home page making with tea party for female"
Sightseeing information along the Betsudai Road (Beppu - Oita Expwy) will be the main theme.

Project promotion plan
The project will be carried out in three stages. Major rolls were assigned today.
Setting up the site, manual making, study class contents, home page contest award, money calculations
The report making

How to publicize the project: Make effective use of existing home pages, handbill distribution, asking to mass media
  20 people will be a minimum target to gather up.

Giving a certificatewill be a good idea.
Reported by Nagano