February 9, 2004: Replace a pole
A large crane arrived at my house. What will take place?
The narrow path was closed temporarily. A gondola stretches its arm to a pole in my garden.
The old TV antenna, out of use for a long time, was removed first.
The renewal of the pole will start from now, they said.

The old pole free from incidental wires was pulled out before I knew.
The new pole will be inserted into the old hole. It didn't go well, however.
Much deeper hole will be needed.
The ground is hard enough o dig by hand.
A big drill should be used like this.
The ordinary drill couldn't drill down the base rock. Another new cutter was attached instead.
The plant fence disturbs the working. Some plants were removed at last.
A deep hole was drilled at last and the new pole was set in position.
The plant was set again in the original point with watering.
Here, it is. The important pole supports telephone line and CATV cable.
Thank you very much,, all the workers.