January 7, 2004: Okonomi-Yaki
On a wonderful day like today, it is hard to stay in home. So we walked out to a nearby shopping square. The time is good for taking an early lunch. We found a newly opened Okonomi-Yaki restaurant.
How long haven't we enjoyed Okonomi-Yaki? It is a sort of food: a thin, flat cake of unsweetened batter fried with various ingredients and toppings.
Wait patiently until the batter start to swell. My empty stomach urges me to check the color of the batter frequently. The ingredients are cabbage, bean sprouts, leeks, egg, and pork.
Well the time has come at last. I spread the sauce thick over the surface. The smoothness of the sauce again stimulates my appetite.
Dressing mayonnaise is a new style to enjoy Okomoni-Yaki cake.
Plenty of toppings are dancing on the top by the heat.
Much more. Dried green laver powder reminds me of the fresh smell of the sea.
OK! Let's enjoy it. Hot Okonomi-Yaki is really good. The waitress said that it is a sort of perfect food. I agreed.

The pictures were taken by a cellular phone.