December 20, 2003:YMF (Yufuin Music Festival)Executive Committee's Christmas party
A little bit early Christmas party was held in Yufuin at Kotokoto-Ya tearoom.

I was told that it was snowing from afternoon, and we started earlier than schedule.
The fireplace was already warm. This is one of our favorite seat.
Many dishes will be brought-in today. Mr. Kato cooks his famous beef stew.
Gotoh prepares canape.
I soon helped making them. Misako brought a big dish.
The party is ready to go.
Mr. Matsumoto started the party with his unique play of Shakuhachi flute.
YMF Executive Committee members enjoy the atmosphere.
Today's special guest is Junko Ohmori who performed wonderful play in YMF this summer.

We are really happy by listening to her live violin closely.
After the play, pleasant eating and chatting are here and there.
Kato's special beef stew was really tender and good.
Many kinds of canape are good as well.
Pop open a bottle of champagne.
Toast! We have had a good time this year. We hope to welcome another wonderful year soon.

Pleasant chatting flower everywhere.
I brought-in such a cake. The design was Mt. Yufu on the background and Merry Christmas YMF.
Junko Ohmori cut the cake. I was happy to know that all people said it was good.
Ohmori plays much wonderful music during the party.

The wonderful party was over after a while. It was very cold outside and the road was frozen. We will stay here in Yufuin tonight.

to be continued
The 30th YMF report