December 15, 2003: To Fukuoka
A meeting will be held in Fukuoka today. I came up to the bus terminal in downtown early in the morning.

The newspaper I subscribe is off today, but I found an extra on the wall that reads "Saddam Husayn captured." I was watching the TV on the news late night and I feel sleepy today.
The express bus to Tenjin (Fukuoka) runs comfortably. The day breaks from on the top of Takasaki mountain.
Mt. Yufu soon came into sight with white frost on the top. It looks very cold outside.
When I was half asleep, the bus was already running along the skirt of Fukuoka airport.
The bus arrived Tenjin on time. Morning rush has already filled the street.
I got off the bus and took a subway.

I was told good news that Kumamoto Daily News paper reports on our GOF with the big title.
After the meeting, I came back to Tenjin and found many beautiful illuminations around the bus terminal.
I found a mysterious thing, a sort of sculpture, I think.
What the artist wanted to say from this work?
I dropped in a building in which our provider COARA opens an office on the 15th floor. (Picture by Ms.Umeno)
From left, Matsunaga, Abe, and Umeno welcomed me.
The souvenir was the roll cake of handmade chestnut cream.
I said good bye and got out of the building. In a spacious square was a big Christmas tree that changes color periodically.
A street artist plays guitar in the cold wind. The passenger turned their years to the sweet voice.
I will take a return bus to Oita.
The street of Fukuoka is very smart and good.
This is the bus terminal.
I headed to Oita at last. I was happy today to attend the meeting, visiting COARA office, and looking around beautiful December downtown Fukuoka.