November 14, 2003: Nakatsu Castle

We will have a fine day today. I crossed Onotsuru bridge over Oita River around 8 a.m.
Mt Yufu looks down the morning traffic jam.
Today, I visited Nakatsu City, north most city of Oita prefecture. As I had some time until the meeting, I visited Nakatsu castle.
Nakatsu citizen enjoy rich hours around the castle park. The sky soars high and blue above the Torii gate.
The castle stands along the river mouth surrounded with warriors houses, the map explains the old story.
Many gingko trees turned their leaves to autumnal color shining in the morning light.
The castle was built in 1588 by a famous castle builder Josui Kuroda.
White wall and black rim create good contrast under the blue sky. The castle was rebuilt in 1964.
Castle turrets, surrounding defense water, and greens of pine trees boast of their wonderful matching.
After leaving the keep of Nakatsu castle, I drove down to the Takase river mouth, now called Nakatsu River. On the right is open to the sea.
I found an old three-storied house nearby. It looks like a house with a history.
The sign reads "Shioyu", or sea water hot spring. On the right is the spa and on the left is a Japanese restaurant. Sea water spa is very good for body, they say. Unfortunately, the house is closed today.
I returned back to the castle. A stone wall named Water Gate is under construction.
Some people are sketching something eagerly. It looks like an excavating site.
Each stone that will be a part of the wall is numbered. The shape of the stone is sketched.

The area will be remodeled soon. I want to visit here after the completion.