September 17, 2003: MUSASH Park
Aso caldera, the largest in the world, is shrouded with thick morning mist. I visit Kumamoto City frequently in those days. I drive by alone today.
Ohzu street is lined with beautiful trees like this.
I love this street very much.
Musashi Tomb Park is along the street. Musashi Miyamoto, a great swordsman in early Edo era, was buried here according to his last will. The life of the sword man is now on NHK TV.
The park is well maintained.
A beautiful color ceramic plate stands in the park.

His five postures are described in "Gorin-no-sho" book in detail as Niten-Ichiryuu Principle..
The high statue of Musashi features its gentle appearance, beyond all his fighting history.
His tomb.
He hoped to be buried here wearing armor to guard his lord. He died in 1642 at the age of 62.
After the meeting of GOF, I headed east in the evening. I took a short break at Road Station Ohzu.
The sunset view at Shiroyama observation platform.
Aso caldera under my eye is dyed with harvest color of the autumn.
The sunset on my way back home through Kujyuu highland was very impressive.