September 8, 2003: To Yufuin spa
the heat of summer may leave in the morning and evening. Autumn is arriving. Two young ladies use a small Japanese Tatami room in my house. A picture at the entrance.
Doris takes pictures around my tiny home.
My husband tries making lunch today. He is at high voltage being watched by two young ladies.
He demonstrates making Chinese fried rice in front of Chinese ladies.
Here, good "Cha-han", he called it. He blows his own trumpet. I hope the young ladies will accept it.
After relaxing in the room, we drove out and headed to Yufuin, a famous spa some 40 Km west from home. Growing rice paddies attract young ladies eyes.
Mt. Yufu welcomes us.
The leaves of the trees in Yufuin valley started to change the colors. Cool breeze touches us.
Another Godzilla appeared on a shop.
We were lured by a big Teddy bear.

Two lovely "Classic Poo."

Cute lady and bear.
Kinrin pond.
luster-amaryllis is the sign of autumn arrival.
A big butterfly stops at the top(right.)
We enjoyed peach sherbet at Gallery tea room.
We enjoyed simple dinner at Yunotake-Ann restaurant.
The garden is in the darkness.
Chicken soup on rice dish was good.
After that, we visited Kotokoto-YaKotokoto-Ya tea room to join a meeting held there.
Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) will cerebrates its 30th anniversary next year. We discussed how to do it on the basis of fresh sense in the foundation days.
The young ladies enjoyed spa during the meeting or chatting pleasantly for waiting our long hour meeting.

They bought original jams for their parents.
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