July 2, 2003: Blue sea called me
On a beautiful day of a break in the rainy season,
I suddenly wanted to see blue sea and dashed out home.

This is the exit from my community. A road work is under construction for a better traffic control. The scene around here will change soon.
Passing through the residential area, we drive eastward.
Tsurusaki street has already behind us and we crossed Ohno River, the biggest drainage pattern in Oita.
Nyu River is another stream. We can see the blue sea down the bridge.
A three-lane highway suddenly ends due to the lack of the money. Beyond the dead end, we found a small marine. Many yachts are on the water.
Marine insects such as sea louse and crabs run away from under my foot. I stood on the beach.
Hiyoshibaru industrial zone features its huge LNG tanks.
The high stack of Saganoseki peninsula stand high in the distance.
The car runs along the beautiful shore drive.
The stack came closer in sight.
We will visit Kaisei-kan (Sea and star museum) of Sekizaki.
Unfortunately, the museum is closed on Tuesday and on Wednesday. We sighed by looking up the observatory dome.
The view was marvelous, however. Sekizaki light house and Takashima Island are a full view.
Beautiful flowers around the museum.

Orange Kanzou fits well with the sea wind.

Angels trumpet decorates the access to the museum.

Crinum is the flower of the beach.

Lantana lures a butterfly.
A short drive down took us to "Black pebble beach." An old woman works patiently on the heated pebble to dry up the seaweed.
Kids are always cute.
Have a nice day!

"Sister Rocks" hands down a myth that they guarded the sail out of Emperor Jinmu in far distant days. A straw festoon connects the two rocks.
Saganoseki fishing port is today's destination.
What is today's catch?
Silver shining "Tachiuwo" (hair tail) fill the box.
Fishermen keep small fish alive in the water tank.
Some fisherman buy it for food of catching hair tail, they say.
We took lunch here, a restaurant "Seki fishery" run by the town.

Horse mackerel (right) and mackerel (left) are the special products of Saganoseki town. We came far down to here to enjoy the dish. They were really good.
We are lucky with the beautiful sea and good seafood.
Rain front will come back tomorrow, TV forecast said and the sky is becoming dark.
The view of sea and sky is still beautiful.
A small tunnel with a mark of a puffing fish is the entrance of Usuki City. We the crossed Kurokui hill and got back home safely. The small drove was very good.