June 25, 2003: Kagurame irises
On a short break of the rainy season, I drove out for Kagurame (sacred Shinto music and dancer) lake in Beppu highland to watch the famous iris garden. The rice paddies were already planted with rice seedlings, a part of typical Japanese rural area.
Some 30 minutes or so drive took us to the destination.

This is Kagurame iris garden, you see.
A large temporary parking lot is for the visitors. A sightseeing bus came from even remote Fukuyama city.
Beautiful bamboo decoration is the symbol of special product of Beppu city.
Beppu is well known not only its hot springs but also bamboo craft production.
The entrance corridor is flanked with beautiful hydrangea now in full bloom that welcome the visitors.
The color varies from white, pink, blue, green, red, and more.
I love this kind of large hydrangea flower.
Faint pink color is one of my favorite as well.

This is the entrance of the garden.

Well maintained garden attracts many tourists in its high season from early June and lasts for a month.
Wooden over-water promenade leads the visitors to a rest house.
I was among many camera fans.
A gentle breeze rippled the surface of the lake.
Looking the irises across the lake is another fun.
A lovely rain-frog waits for the next rain fall on the flower.
The Baiu front (long rain belt that covers Japanese Archipelago for two months in early summer) may come back tomorrow.

The iris of Kagurame lake will be good for you by early next month, they say.