July 27, 2003: The 29th YMF Record (Part 89
YMF: Finale Concert
Beautiful morning of Yufuin valley opens.

An old farmer7s wagon holds many kinds of herb.
Beautiful green of Yufuin will promise a wonderful day today.
The YMF will end today. Regular tea party will be held in the intermission.
The dishes are the presents from the shops in Yufin.

the performance of recorder, Viola Da Gamba, and harpsichord.
Piano sonata.

Piano quintet.

July 27, 2003:YMF :Farewell party
In the evening the regular farewell garden party was held at Kamenoi Besso Hotel.
Young members of Yufuin Sightseeing Committee prepare for the barbecue.
So many glasses and bottles are on the table.
The artists and staff relaxed now.
From left, Nakamura, harpsichord tuner, Ken of Oita, Shigemi Takei, and Sato of Yufuin.
I was presented an autographed from Takei. Thank you very much.
A huge wonderful flower bouquet was set on the garden stage of the hotel. The vase is from studio Toki.
tasty dishes are everywhere of the garden.
The regular presents from the volunteers, from left, Chikuwa (fish roll) of Hiroshima, big sweet melon of Toyama, and eel of Yufuin.
Skewed sweet fish.
The party started.
Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF, makes a few words in the beginning, saying "thank you all that supported the 29th YMF successfully.."
From left, Kato, general secretariat of YMF, Kishibe, Watanabe, and Ihara.
The artists make speeches as well.
Kawada, Tamai, and Hyakutake.
Nobuko Yamasaki of cello.

YMF will cerebrate its 30th anniversary next year. An important announce was made tonight.
The origin of YMF was "A small concert under the starry sky conducted by Momoo Kishibe" to boost up the town which was devastated by a big earthquake 29 years ago.
Kishibe handed down the director to the late Toshio Kuronuma and then Fumiaki Kouno. Kouno will step down after ten years service.
Michio Kobayashi will direct YMF as a "general advisor."
Thank you Mr. Kouno so long time.
Mr. Kouno also cut the big water melon.
Juicy melon was very good.
The farewell part was followed by another party at the inn the artists stay.
Thank you very much Mr., Kouno.
See you next time here in Yufuin!
@@@ The 29th YMF record

by Nagano