April 23, 2003 Early summer
After a long cold winter, my garden has jumped into early summer.

Banksia rose is the most beautiful flower in my garden this time.
On the foot of the rose is Seiyou-Kiransou (Ajuga reptansuga) that stretches its vine for blooming.
My tiny kitchen garden is filled with many flowers before I know.

Red flower of poppy and white flower of Rocket will be used in making salad to enjoy the flavor of sesame.
Next to Rocket is the remnant of rape blossoms grown from the seeds I scattered on the garden after the season. It has grown too big to eat, however.
Tutankhamen's peas hold tiny violet flowers this year as usual.
Christmas Rose is preparing for the sleep until next spring.
White North Pole is one of my favorite flowers.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana has survived the cold winter in the garden and needs to be moved to the pod.
Suou (Caesalpinia sappan ) holds specially beautiful flower this year.
Hosta sp waits for blooming under the tall camellia. White patches of the plant is very beautiful.