February 22, 2003: Isahaya NPO
Today, I visited senior net Isahaya together with my husband to give a lecture on its commemorative meeting of becoming an NPO. We took a highway bus from Oita.
Snow still remained on the road shoulder of.
We were welcomed by Mr. Masuda and Mr. Kaneko of Isahaya NPO in the rain.
Our relationship dates back several years ago when we met at a forum held in Oita.

We were guided to a grand restaurant for lunch.
The restaurant Gyosou who serves us with its famous eel dish, one of special products in Isahaya. Mr. Kaneko explained that the dish is on the hot water bottle in order to keep the eel warm long.
I took off the hot lid and found steam-rising eel. It was very good to take it on the hot rice.
Today's meeting will be held at a new library in downtown Isahaya in commemoration with the start of Senior Net Isahaya NPO. I was invited to give a lecture there.
I was surprised to find a large sign board in the entrance.

A large screen is ready for projection.
Some members of Isahaya are setting up the site.
Guests flock in twos and threes in the rain. TV cameras are ready for air.
Mr. Torigoe introduced me first.
The lecture started at last.
Mr. Kaneko reads the word from Mr. Kuribayashi, the head of the NPO.
Mr. Masuda, general secretariat and general director of the organization, talks on what the group intends and recent activities.
He also introduced a sample that an old woman, 83 years old, learned personal computer and could open the new life by exchanging E-mail.
My theme is "A house wife fully enjoys Internet for ten years." I told about how we started the Internet and have found many new views and friends through the net.
Mr. Kaneko helps me in projecting my home page on the screen.

I introduced my first home page and how I exchange with young people.
"growing rice","The view from the kitchen window" are the samples of daily life record which extend my life to the world.
After 70 minutes talk, many questions and answers filled the hall.(The up and left pictures were taken by Iwanaga, the representative of My Town Isahaya.
I was very happy to find a friend from Nagasaki Group of Friends. The number of the audience exceeded the anticipation of the preparation group.
The lecture was over in success.
On my way to the party site I had a chance to take a glance of famous Isahaya two-arched bridge.

In 1957, big flood hit the area and many people died. The bridge stopped the flood debris and high water blasted eventually to kill many citizens. The restored bridge sits still with its elegant curve in the pond today.
The party was held at restaurant Sumire. B
Mr. Matsuda makes a few words in the beginning. The emcee is Ms. Ono of Isahaya members.
After the short words of Mr. Suetsugu, my husband introduced Senior Net Oita.
Many Isahaya members joined the party.
We have had a pleasant good time.
In the end, the attendants gave three cheers hoping the development of Isahaya NPO.

A member of Isahaya explains how to give cheer formally. It was very interesting.
We-were-there picture.
We then drive up to Unzen spa in the thick cloud and we stayed Fukiya Hotel. Thank you very much Isahaya members, please come and see you again in Oita next time.
The hotel has a large public spa bath.
The spa was very smooth and I could fully relax.
I have had a hard but good day today.
to be continued