February 16, 2003: Sightseeing charisma
We had a harpsichord recital of Michio Kobayashi, a prominent harpsichordist who lives in Yufuin, at Oita "Fountain of Music" hall today.

I was very glad to hear a chance to enjoy a wonderful play of Kobayashi who regularly provides us of his art at Yufuin Music Festival. I met many Yufuin friends there.
After the great performance, we headed directly to Yufuin.
In the evening, we joined a celebration for Mr. Kumpei Mizoguchi who was nominated as a "Sightseeing charisma" by The Cabinet. The party was held at Health Spa Hall in Yufuin.
Many people filled the spacious hall to celebrated him.
Many tedious
and boring speeches find no end.
And typical ceremony.
Mr. Mizoguchi makes a thank you speech in the end,

saying "I greatly appreciate to those who helped me until today in creating an unusual spa site based on your suggestions."
"I hope many young people will emerge from today's attendants in order to open the new door for future."

Young cookers in Yufuin make a group to create new dishes. The prepared wonderful dishes today as well.
The large bowl holds the arts of the cooking.
Templa of wild vegetables that bring in the aroma of early spring.

And much more foods.
Beautiful bouquets.
Mr. Mizoguch has been walking his way together with Mr. Kentarou Nakaya, the top person in Yufuin.
Nakaya gives friendly words to Mizoguchi. Click the picture to enlarge.
Mr. Shutou of Nagayu spa.
Many smiles are everywhere.
Happy members, from left, Mr. Ono of Sansuikan Hotel, Mr. Akinaga of Musouen, and my husband.
Young generation will bear the future of Yufuin.
The core people of Yufuin.
We will soon have preparation meetings of Yufuin Music Festival. I hope to work hard and enjoy the festival together with good friends in Yufuin.
A chorus group sings Mizoguchi's favorite songs.

"Four Seasons" is one of his favorites. The origin dates back to Mizoguchi few decades ago.
After three decades, the member will visit Germany and European countries this summer again to look back their old memories in young days.
Good luck, Mr. Mizoguchi!