January 18, 2003: Beer Forest in Hita City
It seems to become warmer today. We two enjoy a relaxed time after all.

We have decided to drive out.
We found the remnant of the snow at Mizuwake pass of Oita expway. The altitude of the pass is about 800 meters.

We got off at Hita Interchange and followed the red arrow quietly.
The arrows guided us to "Beer Forest" of Sapporo Brewery Co., Ltd's new Kyushu factory started three years ago.

The factory is a kind of "Garden factory" provided with spacious lawn, a welcome hall, a restaurant, and shopping zones.
I found some seedlings of barley called "Nijou", that represents the cross sectional shape of the two seeds of the grain. Ordinary barley has six grains, they say.
Tall brewery tanks soar high in the winter sky totaling 64 in number.
A big Ebisu can welcomed us at the entrance of the Hall.
Cute receptionists welcomed us with smile, saying on the guided factory tour, you can "taste" the fresh beer, of course
The ceiling of the hall is of real brewery pod. It is very beautiful shining with cupper color.
In the exhibition hall are old pictures and bottles of the day of foundation.
In a corner of the "Retro Town", a "modern girl" rides a bicycle.
Early Shouwa era was like this. Beer, tofu block, soybeans in the pod, and croquette are on the round sitting table.
A little bit old days atmosphere of a liquor shop.
"Man should drink Sapporo beer without chatting." Toshirou Mifune, one of the most excellent actor of Kurosawa movie times, stands by my husband.
To be continued