July 25, 2002: Welcome party
During the performance, the preparation for the welcome party is on the course.

the young cockers in Yufuin town prepare Today's dishes.
Look at those beautiful dishes.

A big dish of Bungo beef, boiled eel, sweet boiled Ayu fish, eel canape, pine fruit, and more.
All vegetable-made sushi dish is unusual.
Thai style cold garlic dish.
Chopped local chicken.
Sweet fried cookies.
Marine bouillabaisse.
Egg plant stuffed with meet and soy paste.
Grilled Ayu fish with its original shape, and more.
The guests move toward the table after the music was over.
The cooks of the night.
We had a good time together with the artists.
Mr. Mizoguchi and volunteers.
From left, Ichiro Takamoto of LeLuth, Fumiaki Kouno, and Natori Tamai of violin.
Riichi Uemura of viola and Yuu Matsubara of baritone.
The new artists and old artists are happy with good taste of Yufuin dishes.
A pleasant time was over. Some of them still enjoy chatting and drinking in the hotel.
Today's album
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