December 26, 2002: Late Christmas party
We welcomed Mr. Zhang YingKang, a student from China learning in Chiba University from yesterday as a "New Year Home stay Program."

Today, we all visited Kujyu.
A cold wave since last evening made Kujyu mountain range white and foot road side.
We had a pleasant party at Mr. and Mrs. Yamada's house in Kujyu.

A late Christmas party to sing hymns will open soon.
Yamadas live in a wonderful Canadian longhouse. We set up posters in and out of the house. The fireplace keeps the room warm.
Cakes are ready for serve.

Today7s sponsors take lunch first.
Brought-in rice balls, baked egg rolls, salad, pickles and more.
In the afternoon, the guests showed up in twos and threes.

The party opened at 2:00 p.m. Let7s sing many hymns! The party cerebrates the setting up of the electronic organ to be dedicated to the new house of GOF under construction.
Ms. Takahashi, a member of GOF, plays the electronic organ.

We enjoyed singing many hymns of Christmas.
Tea time comes.
Ms. Yamada read loud a wonderful story of "Is there Santa Clause in the world?"
Lovely cakes and cookies, black tea, coffee, oranges, persimmons, and pleasant chatting filled the warm room.
I have had a very good day today. Thank you Mamada for your kind open house.
    Let’s sing the hymns group
A late Christmas party

Part 1: Singing hymns
     "The Kingdom of Group of Friends"
Part 2: Tea time
Part 2: Christmas songs play

Sponsored by "The Kingdom of Group of Friends" preparation group 
Takahashi, Yamada, Takeuchi, Ihara, and Nagano