December 12, 2002: Haginosato spa and strawberry
We Moegi member, a group of Haiku composing, visited Haginosato spa for an year-end party.

We are composing Haiku by walking around the area in twos and threes.
In the large vinyl house was filled with the atmosphere of spring, strawberry field.
Sweet aroma and white flowers fill the house.
The farmer kindly offered us to pick some berries up for tasting.

We soon tasted well ripen red berries.

Fresh winter strawberry taste the flavor of the first love
Big red strawberry
We bought some of the products.
"The seedlings of the strawberry will be good for you", said the farmer and shared them for us.
We all are very glad to get the seedlings respectively.
The Kujyu mountain range has snow caps on the tops.
Cold window blows down from the snow cap
A tall cherry tree stands in the winter wind.
We hoped to visit the area when the tree is in full bloom.

@@The sound of the fall guides us through the passage.
We returned back to the spa and checked our composing.
Year-end party with wonderful dishes and pleasant chatting make me very happy.
We enjoyed a wonderful Haiku tour and spa bathing today.
The strawberry seedling will grow healthy in my garden. It already holds small white flowers and berries.