December 2-5, 2002: My birthplace Tatsuno
I visited Tatsuno, my birthplace where my old mother lives alone, after a long time. This time, I made the trip by alone using a ferry boat.

Christmas trees in the cabin bring the season go and back on the sea route.
West Oita port is already in the darkness at 6:30 p.m.
The ferryboat arrived Kobe port at 6:50 a.m. December 3.
This time, I get on a connection bus.
From JR Sumiyoshi station, I get on a train to Hon-Tatsuno of Kishin Line.
Change at Himeji station. I took Udon noodle for breakfast.
I arrived my mother's home around ten in the morning.

After a rest, we visited a tea room run by my mother's young friend.[Galleria Arts & Tea]
Old Japanese room with a round table.

My dear birthplace Tatsuno is visible through the second floor window.
The mezzanine
Looking down the tea room on the first floor.

The old building was once used as a bank.
Asian goods for sale.
Coffee was good as well.
The master of the tea room sends me "Galleria Report" explained me the shop and Apollo Studio on the other side of the road.
[Galleria Arts and Tea] is located near the corner where my birth house was.