August 19, 2002: Autumn is at hand
We have had really hot days this summer. Today, we feel another air today, however. TV says typhoon #13 is raging over eastern part of Japan. It also introduced cool air from Chinese Continent into western Japan.

My husband has bestirred himself at last and started lawn mowing.
A tiny hand-push mower doesn't cut well. Additional trimming along the stone is a must.
I worked very hard by rooting up some weeds.
Two ceramic ducks appeared from under the grass.
Subtle air of autumn has come to my tiny garden here and there.

We may have many persimmon fruits this year.
The commemorative lemon tree to my son's marriage holds three to four fruits.
Kabosu tree is another memorial of my husband retire. It grew some fruits for the first time after plantation three years ago.

Green and still hard fruits have brought the autumn to my garden.