June 24, 2002: Homemade bread study class
The real rain season has come today. We have the second study class of homemade bread today in my house.
Four members of Wasada group have become the teacher and started the class just like former class.

We started from making Graham bread as "One shot of flavor to simple bread."
Next trial is herb bread using herbs picked up at the garden.
We also explained how to make dry herb.
Pizza Next. The guests start from weighing the flour.

Fully ripe tomato was turned to tomato sauce today.
Dessert was prepared as well while baking the bread in the oven.
The students take memos eagerly for making grape fruit jelly.
Today's menu.
"Vici Sours" was made from smashed potato, fresh cream, and milk. "Marinated white meat fish" was another option today.
After dishing up the products, we enjoyed them pleasantly.
The dessert was served in the end. It was prepared yesterday and cooled in the refrigerator.

The bread has just come out of the oven at last.
The pizza appeared beautifully as well.
Well, let's enjoy!

All the guests were satisfied by learning how to make homemade bread and other dishes. We were very glad to hear the voices.
Wasada group study class: homemade bread for a wonderful table.
One seasonal dish and dessert that make bread tastier
Graham bread, herb bread, pizza
Marinated white meat fish, Vici Sours, grape fruit jelly
Place: Nagano's home
Sponsor:Oita Group of Friends Wasada group