May 12, 2002: Clear day, at last
The outdoor table set we bought the other day seems to go on stage at last.

We have been using it by taking bread fresh from the oven, reading books and so on. We have expecting something, however.
Today, we will welcome our younger brother family from Hokkaido Island this afternoon. Around three p.m. they arrived at last together with their son who works here in Oita. They met at Fukuoka yesterday and showed up today to our home.
What my brother carried very carefully was homemade smoked cheese and bacon.

They are very good with appropriate amount of salt. They are really meet well with my homemade bread.
This souvenir is called Toba, a part of smoked salmon meat and skin. It is very unusual here in Kyushu Island.
Well all the materials were ready for barbecue party.
Many unimaginable materials were gathered up by my younger brother at nearby shopping center, including Oita brand red chicken wingtip, beef-hearts, beef-tongue, and more.
The fish is skewed and grilled on the stove.
This is the first time for the family to visit Oita. We enjoyed eating, drinking, and chatting.
The last item of the party was the big lamp of Bungo beef. We BBQed it and sliced one by another and enjoyed. The party continued late into the night in the room until the clock turned to a new day.
to be continued