May 1, 2002: New garden table set
I returned home in the evening to find four wonderful chairs on the terrace.
I bought the set the other day at COSTCO in Fukuoka and was delivered today.

As it was raining, the table was in the room.
Soon my husband started to set it up by following the instruction. The table is made in the USA.
The glass is set on the floor upside down and four legs are carefully attached.
The legs are connected to two leg connectors by the bolts.
Here it is. The wonderful table sits in the living room tonight. The globe we bought at COSTCO as well was set in the center of the table. I am glad to see them.

May 2, 2002: All set up on the terrace
The sky cleared up from the morning.

We soon take out the table and chairs onto the terrace and take breakfast in the sunlight.