April 10, 2002: Herb salad spaghetti
I visited a restaurant recommended by my friend for lunch.
The restaurant has a tennis court and a terrace to be used for taking lunch as well with the air of southern Europe.
The recommended dish is "Herb salad spaghetti." Where is the pasta? Yes, it is under the thick layer of herbs such as Ruccora, nasturtium, basil, borage, fennel, and others.
All the herbs were taken from the herb garden across the road.
A beautiful rose arch welcomes me at the entrance of the herb garden.
The borage decorated on the dish was taken from this bush. It is in its height.
This is lovely blueberry.

Lambs ear, lavender, and many other unknown herbs are in the garden.
Many kinds of olives are also flourishing.
Rosemary holds many small violet flowers.

The breeze flowing over the herbs is very good.
I dropped in a nursery on my way back home. I found such flower pods like those at the entrance.

We will soon have a world soccer game here in Oita.