March 28, 2002: Cherry blossom seeing with Haiku
My garden is at its best of the year. Grape hyacinth, one of my favorite, holds many flowers this year as usual.
Linaria bloomed from scattered seeds and pansy is growing in the flower pod.
North Pole was branched from a bunch of roots.
Beautiful hyacinth bloomed this morning. The head seems to be so heavy.
Cherry blossoms just in the back of my house is now in its height.
I will join a Haiku lovers' (Moeku-kai) hiking to enjoy the flower.

On the way to the destination, I looked Mt. Yufu and Mt. Tsurumi in the spring mist behind the flower.
The members are already gather at Fujimigaoka community hall.
We shared two cars and arrived at a temple in Onotsuru district in ten minutes. Cherry and rape flowers are very beautiful.
The name of the temple is Saikou Zen Temple.
In the precincts are fine stone monuments. The character carved on a monument reads "Soga Juurou and Gorou brother." The round monument was said to be built for Tora Gozen, a lover of Soga Juurou.
We passed up a narrow slope.

I wear a pair of shoes that fits me well in a sunny day of spring. Hatsuyo
Five hundred Rakan stone Buddhist images sit still in the sunlight.

Rakan images make five hundred shades in the spring sunlight.@@Keiko
A Butterfly stops at the Rakan images. Noriko

Rakan is surrounded with the shower of blossom. Yuka

Each image has different appearance, I found a Rakan who resembles to my dead father.
On the knee of a Rakan resembling to my dead father are fallen petals. Mieko
The Rakan images look the mountains through the blossoms.

Each of us enjoyed composing many Haikus by walking around.
Then we opened lunch boxes.

We sit on a flower covered mat without worshiping the images. Sourou
We took a picture there.
We returned back to Fujimigaoka community hall and enjoyed Haiku evaluation. I have had a very good day today.